#16J- Seeking Freedom for Venezuela in URBER UNIVERSITY- Miami, FL #VxV #VoteSiSiSi

#16J in Miami, ONG VxV was part of a historical event where thousands of Venezuelans gathered together to have their opinions heard regarding  the Venezuelan political regimen. The violation of human rights, including the deprivation of medicine and food, were some of the common concerns held by Venezuelan citizens.
An absolute success – July 16th, 2017- Venezuelans began to transform a system from failure to success. Over 2300 voting centers were installed all over the world. This was done with virtually no money or resources, but, with tremendous dedication and results. The opposition party will not be defeated. The success is eminent. Sources pronounced over 7 millions votes already counted for the opposition out of 11 millions citizens.
We the ONG VxV give Special thanks to Urbe University and those opposition leaders in Miami who helped make this journey a positive historical event for Venezuela and the world.
URBE UNIVERSITY in the city of Doral obtained 11,410 votes. Congratulations to all…our organization will continue to work very hard for our fellow Venezuelans to obtain political freedom and sovereignty. President Maduro cannot longer treat Venezuelans without basic concerns for humanity.




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